SUMMER 2023/YEAR-ROUND 2023-2024




This document constitutes a non-financial agreement between the _________________________ and _____________________________, the Youth Work Experience Program Worksite Sponsor.  The effective dates of this agreement are from        July 1, 2023    to        June 30, 2024, unless terminated sooner. The employment phase begins                                and ends                                 . Employment phase may be ended sooner or extended at the request of either party.


The Youth Work Experience Program Worksite Sponsor agrees to do the following:


  1. Provide work experience training for participants, based on approved job descriptions.


  1. Provide a safe, healthy work environment for all participants.


  1. Follow all established time and attendance policies.


  1. Provide sufficient work, equipment and materials.


  1. Ensure that participants do not engage in political, union, religious, or fundraising activities during work hours.


  1. Provide each participant with an orientation to worksite sponsor’s rules and regulations.


  1. Release participants for workshops, counseling and related activities if applicable.


  1. Notify _____________________ of participants actions which required corrective measures, counseling, discipline or termination from the program,


  1. Ensure that youth are supervised at all times.


  1. Report work related injuries and illness to ___________________ immediately.


  1. Comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, applicable Child Labor Laws, CT DOL rules and regulations governing the Connecticut Youth Employment Program (CYEP).


  1. Make all worksite records and personnel available for monitoring by Federal, State and Workforce Alliance monitors.


  1. Not hire any participants if the employer has terminated any regular employee or reduced the workforce with the intention of filling the vacancies with participants whose wages are subsidized under this agreement.


  1. Ensure that no currently employed workers are displaced by any participants.  This includes partial displacements such as reduction in work hours, wages, benefits or overtime.


  1. Provide a work environment free from harassment or discrimination of any kind.





  1. Provide orientation to worksite sponsors supervisors and participants. The orientation consisting of program goals, regulations, policies and procedures, etc.


  1. Provide payroll services and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance for participants. Youth work experience program participants will be paid at a rate of $15.00 per hour (effective 7/1/23), for a work week of


  1. Initiate appropriate revisions to this agreement, as necessary.





For :                                                           For:

Worksite Sponsor                                     _____________________________



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