EPIC – Emerging Professionals in the Community

EPIC is a program for young professionals to establish a networking foundation. This
foundation will be the starting point for a successful business career and add the benefit
of making friends.

EPIC programs will provide opportunities for its members to give back to the community
in many ways, through volunteer actions and fund-raising efforts for various causes as
determined by the group.

The Chamber hopes to foster a sense of community for the younger professionals in the
Milford Region.

To help fund a successful program, membership in EPIC will require membership in the
Chamber. For young professionals entering an entrepreneurial endeavor the annual
dues will be $150.00; 60% off the regular rate. This level of membership will be capped
at 2 years at which point the rate will convert to the full membership which is currently

For existing chamber member organizations, each will be allowed one representative in
EPIC as part of their membership, each additional member will be charged at $75.00.
A percentage of EPIC dues will be specifically earmarked for EPIC related programming.

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