Cupping is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which suction is created to decompress muscles and fascia.

The original form of cupping was to remove snake venom and scorpion stings.

In our practice, we use silicone or plastic cups and a pump. When muscles get tight, blood and toxins become stagnant, causing pain. Using the suction effect of the cups, the stagnant blood and toxins are brought closer to the surface of our skin for the lymphatic system to filter and cleanse. While it may look as though cupping causes bruising, no blood vessels are broken during treatment. It takes roughly a week for the marks to fade.

Massage cupping is an excellent addition to your traditional therapeutic bodywork. Our practitioners are very skilled in using the cupping technique appropriately.



-Anyone with heart, liver or kidney issues

-Anyone with blood disorders, such as hemophilia or anemia

-Pregnant women can’t receive cupping on abdomen or low back


At Milford Body Therapy, you can experience cupping with any therapeutic massage for no extra cost.