September is Life Insurance Awareness Month
Many people recognize me as one half of Mr. and Mrs. Medicare with deep roots.
in the Medicare plan space. What people don’t know is that I got my start in the
insurance industry on the life insurance side.
My dad passed away when I was 20. He did have a small policy through his job.
which wasn’t much considering he had a wife, one daughter in college, and the
other one ready to graduate and attend college.
The saddest part of the story is that the paperwork to submit for additional life.
insurance sat unsigned on the dining room table up until the day he died when it.
was too late.
This is where my passion for insuring people began.
So why life insurance?
A wife may question it, but a widow NEVER does.
A parent may question it, but a child with a college fund NEVER does.
A friend may question it, but the one setting up the GoFundMe NEVER does.
YOU may question life insurance, but only YOU can make sure that your family.
NEVER does.
In its simplest of definitions, insurance is the transfer of risk.
Life insurance is a product of love.
Get life insurance when you are young and healthy. It can actually be quite.
reasonably priced.
I think for some, the idea of exploring the different options can be completely.
overwhelming. How much insurance do I need? Do I need a term insurance plan?
How long of a term do I need? Should I get a Whole Life policy? An IUL policy?
What the heck does IUL stand for? I have coverage through my job, do I need
There are so many questions, often we get paralyzed and do nothing.
Deciding on life insurance is not the most fun thing in the world but it is a lot less.
painful than trying to figure out how to afford a loved one’s funeral.
If you are married or partnered, with or without children, a single parent, a stay at-
home parent, an empty nester, a retiree, a business owner, or just an
individual who would like to leave a legacy, YOU NEED LIFE INSURANCE!

Traci O’Brien is the co-owner of Senior Insurance Consultants.
She lives in Orange CT with her husband Chris Wojtusik, daughter Isabella and son.
For more information on life insurance be sure to visit or call the
office at 203.707.2371