It’s Springtime and people are cleaning out their closets and freshening up the inside of their home after being shut up over the winter.  This seems refreshing, but . . .  the big question is What are you cleaning with?  Many of the products sold in the stores may smell nice, but actually contain many harmful substances such as formaldehyde, chloroform and benzene which are commonly found in household products for cleaning as well as freshening the air.


Our bodies were made to be able to filter toxins from our nose and throat, digestive tract, and the liver and kidneys. So, you may be thinking your body has you covered.  Are toxins really that bad if our body has ways to handle them.  However, we are constantly being assaulted and the more toxins you’re exposed to, the heaver your toxic load becomes.  Eventually, toxins can cause imbalances, and influence your overall health.  While some toxin exposure is inevitable, the goal is to keep your toxic load as light as possible so your body can handle the burden.  An empowering fact is you can control what you bring into your home.


Though you can’t see it, the air that you breathe is full of microscopic elements like pollen, pollutants and toxins.  Often indoor air is more toxic.  Many products marketed as keeping your home smelling fresh actually spread synthetic, harmful chemicals and fumes into your air.


The same goes for cleaning products – anything from hand soap and dish soap to laundry detergent and bathroom cleaners.  Only 7% of cleaning products adequately disclose their contents.  According to an EWG study, 53% of cleaning products under review contained lung-harming ingredients.  It’s no secret common household cleaning products are chock full of toxic ingredients, and lax label laws and misleading marketing can mean even “nontoxic” and “green” products are laced with artificial and hazardous materials.


Having a brilliantly clean home doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health.  doTERRA offers two lines of cleaning products as well as over 100 oils to help you simply replace what you are spending on hazardous products with ones that are powered by nature.  Diffusing essential oils easily replaces candles & air fresheners.  Whatever essential oils you choose to use, it is important to discuss essential oil purity.  Purity affects safety, effectiveness, and potency.  Unfortunately, the essential oil industry has little regulation and there are companies that may not even know the essential oils they sell are adulterated and advertise their products as pure.  Every batch of doTERRA essential oil undergoes rigorous third-party and internal testing to ensure your products are free of adulteration and contamination of any kind.


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Phyllis Mullins

Wellness Advocate