Dear Chamber Members,

The Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) continues to modify Unemployment Insurance forms and decisions for the employer community, utilizing more and more technology through our system (branded) ReEmployCT.   Recently, we added more decision notices for employers, which contain important appeal rights and provides immediate notice without USPS delivery delays.  So, on behalf of CTDOL Commissioner Danté Bartolomeo, we share with you an email (below) that the Department recently sent to our employer community. We continue to encourage employers to ‘create’ their ReEmployCT account with the appropriate email/person so they may have the full benefits of immediate decisions and action items. We hope that you find this information helpful, and please let us know if you have any questions.  Lastly, if you would you like CTDOL press releases sent directly to your inbox, please sign up for Info to Your Inbox

Dear Employer;

Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) recently sent a communication urging employers to keep their ReEmployCT email addresses current to ensure you receive important CTDOL notices and forms as we transition to electronic notification.

Currently, employers are notified electronically of all tax-related correspondence; CTDOL is in the process of converting benefits-related correspondence to electronic notification as well. The agency has now begun sending the ‘Part Time to the Same Extent’ decisions electronically. The forms include UI 559, Chargeability Determination: Part Time Employment; UI 559MOD, Chargeability Determination: Part Time Employment-Partial Claim Week; UI 58, Notice Regarding Chargeability for Benefits; and UI 57, Notice of Charge Relief.  If you have switched to email notification, you will no longer receive the UI 559, UI 559MOD, UI 58 or UI 57 documents by U.S. Mail.

All correspondence that is delivered electronically is stored in your account and viewable at any time. Employers may opt out of email notification. All forms whether sent via electronic notification or U.S. Mail will be stored in your account and viewable at any time.

To view the UI 559, UI 559MOD, UI 58 or UI 57 correspondence:

·         Login to your ReEmployCT account.

·         Select Inquiry, Correspondence, View Correspondence.

·         Select your EAN (Employer Account Number) from the drop down.

·         You will be prompted to

·         Select Benefits or Tax from the Correspondence Search Type drop-down menu.

·         Enter a date range. The range should include the date of the email, or the date of the document received.

·         Select the document you wish to view.

Please visit the employers section of for past correspondence, detailed information, and step-by-step instructions.