Dan Thornberg, the owner of Total Lawn Care and More (TLC), noticed that his competitors were spending money to show up before him in search results on Google. He realized that in order to compete, he needed to start making an investment into Google Ads. However, after attempting to manage the campaigns himself and even hiring a freelancer to manage it for him, he was left dissatisfied with the lack of transparency and results. Dan felt hopeless.

Then something incredible happened. Through a lucky holiday meetup, Dan was reunited with his distant cousin Chris. As an executive marketer at a non-profit who had also recently received training at Yale, Chris was looking for opportunities to help more people benefit from the power of marketing. Dan instantly started to share his search-engine issues with Chris with the hope that he might be able to give him some clarity. There being no coincidences, Chris jumped at the opportunity to help Dan. They didn’t know it then, but together, they would create the best possible Google Ads experience for local businesses at the lowest cost.

For the next two years, Dan and Chris focused on building a business model that would leverage Google Ads to help local businesses, like Total Lawn Care, get increased traffic to their websites for the lowest price possible. After extensive testing and refining, they had achieved their goal… KlientRocket was born!

Total Lawn Care became KlientRocket’s very first customer. In just the first 90 days, KlientRocket was able to successfully drive an additional 168 clicks to TLC’s website while hitting industry-low cost-per-clicks (cpcs) . These results are possible because each client’s campaign is created, managed, and optimized by Google-certified experts. This typically leads to decreases in the cost for each ad click and an increase in real prospective clients landing on websites.

TLC finally has the Google Ads management company it deserves and it now reaches more potential clients than ever before. Dan enjoys the convenience of having Google Ads taken off of his plate and is even more thrilled that the service costs just $99/month…even less than what the freelancer was charging.

Dan and Chris’s vision for KlientRocket has never been clearer. Every new customer that subscribes becomes another opportunity to serve the common good. For just $99/month, would you take the leap?

How KlientRocket Drove 139 Clicks to a Mortgage Broker’s Website for Only $221

Ricky, the manager of Southend Financial’s regional office, was looking for an affordable way to drive potential customers to a landing page on his website. He had spent time and money working with other companies to run his Google Ads, but had received poor results, so he decided to try KlientRocket to see if he could get a better return on his investment.

Ricky heard about KlientRocket’s reputation for providing the lowest cost Google Ads management and felt comfortable trialing the service. In 30 days 139 relevant clicks were driven to Southend Financial’s website for just $221. This included both the client’s Google Ads budget and the fee for building, managing, and optimizing the ads.

Since signing up with KlientRocket, Ricky has been able to increase his visibility on Google to the people who are searching for his services. This is especially impressive when you consider that the financial services and white-collar industries usually have higher CPC’s than other industries. We’re proud to be able to help Ricky and other local businesses escape the idea of expensive paid advertising via Google. We look forward to helping other local businesses get the same results.

Why Choosing KlientRocket Over a Freelancer Could Make or Break Your Small Business

Dan Thornberg, owner of Total Lawn Care & More, wanted to grow his business but had a limited budget and little knowledge of how to advertise on Google.

Dan was thrilled when he encountered a highly-rated Google Ads freelancer through Business Networking International (BNI), an organization that helps local businesses network to grow. For only $99/month, this “pro” promised to manage his Google Ads budget, create his campaign, optimize keywords, headlines, and provide unlimited changes. This seemed too good to be true for such a low price.

After signing up, the marketer got to work quickly and had Total Lawn Care’s campaign running within a few days. However, there was a general lack of communication about Total Lawn Care’s performance. Over the years, Dan would occasionally ask the Google Ads freelancer how his campaign was doing. The pro would state that impressions were high, but due to Total Lawn Care’s limited $100/month Google budget, clicks were not as plentiful.

It wasn’t until Dan gained access and reviewed TLC’s campaign with his cousin, a marketing expert, that he realized he had been essentially wasting money for years. Here’s some of the data from one of the last quarters Dan worked with the freelancer:

Take a look at the number of impressions compared to the people who clicked on the ads. During this period, Dan’s ads appeared in search results 57,500 times, but only 160 people actually clicked on them. This shows that the freelancer’s ads weren’t engaging enough for users to be enticed to click through. Not only was this wasteful of Dan’s budget but it created a lasting negative impression of the Total Lawn Care brand.

Next, take a look at how the Freelancer showcased Dan’s business in search results:

The freelancer’s writing was incomplete and full of grammatical errors. On top of that, they used strange language to describe Total Lawn Care’s services.

Let’s move on from this mess and look at how KlientRocket, an effective Google Ads management company, took care of Dan’s account in the same quarter a few years later.

KlientRocket proved to be a valuable asset in the last quarter of 2022. They drove 10x the amount of ad clicks on 41,000 fewer impressions when compared to the freelancer’s results. This speaks to KlientRocket’s ability to craft concise ad copy and create campaigns that score highly with Google.

Also, note the professional and grammatically perfect ad copy that KlientRocket delivers:

Small businesses are often taken advantage of by advertising agencies and freelancers who don’t prioritize their interests. Google Ads management doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. If you’re paying too much for Google Ads or struggling to do it yourself, consider KlientRocket today.