To our caring business community,
These are tough times for so many. About a third of people living in Milford struggle to
make ends meet, put nutritious food on their tables, pay their rents or mortgages, buy
clothes for their kids, pay their heating bills—just to name a few. People are stressed
and don’t know where to turn for help.
Here at the Milford United Way, we get calls every day from people who are threatened
with eviction, or can’t pay their heating bills, or can’t afford groceries, or are so
depressed and stressed they don’t know where to turn.
That’s where we come in, and by “we” I mean the Milford United Way and the
compassionate community of Milford’s business leaders.
This year, the Milford United Way is focusing on three urgent issues affecting Milford
citizens the most: putting nutritious food on the family table, making sure that people
can pay their rents and mortgages, and improving access to mental health services.
We fund about 15 organizations that serve our neighbors in need in these and other
important areas, while creating new programs and funds where there are gaps. We also
use our unique megaphone to reach people—those in need, and those who can help.
I ask you to support the Milford United Way in this important mission. The contributions
we receive go to people right here in Milford who need it most.
A healthy, caring Milford benefits us all.
It’s easy to support the Milford United Way. Simply click here. I have found this to be
true: “Feel Great. Donate.”
I also love the slogan, “Milford is a small city with a big heart.” Let’s prove it.
Barry Berman | CEO | President
Milford United Way