CTNext Director Onyeka Obiocha.
By Liese Klein
Startups and small businesses have until Jan. 13 to apply for internship funding from
CTNext, the state’s entrepreneurial support hub.
CTNext is inviting “Innovation-driven companies” to submit applications for its Talent Bridge
Program, which pays up to $25,000 to cover the hourly costs of student interns at the rate of
$20 per hour for undergraduates and $25 per hour for graduate students.

The program requires a company match up to $10,000, based upon the total of each funding
Participating companies must have been established for at least nine months in the state and
employ fewer than 100 people to be considered. They need not have intern candidates
preselected to apply.
The Talent Bridge Program was designed to interest soon-to-graduate students in jobs in state
startups and innovative companies, in addition to encouraging companies to hire locally.
For more information, visit the organization’s website at ctnext.com.
Contact Liese Klein at lklein@newhavenbiz.com.

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