Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Since its inception in 1964, the American Legion Post 196, located right here in Milford, has been recognized as one of the most active and benevolent Legion Posts in the state of Connecticut. For nearly 60 years, Post 196 has played an important and consistent role in our citizens lives by working toward the betterment of not only veterans and service members, but also our residents. Here are just a few examples:

  • Post 196 is dedicated to addressing issues affecting our veterans, service members and their families.  The Post advocates for their needs, both personal and societal, by offering support and services, especially in times of hardship when comfort and care are needed.
  • Post 196 has established a tradition of sponsoring a wide variety of wholesome sports, educational and social activities that impact the growth and development of our youth over a lifetime.
  • Post 196 is engaged in many other community events by financially supporting worthy programs and projects which are beneficial to everyone.
  • And, of course, Post 196 strives to enhance the well-being in all of us by promoting a sense of patriotism and pride in our nation and what we represent!

We at Post 196 are very proud of our many achievements over the years and thankful for the many thousands of dollars raised from community members to support our efforts.  One of our more successful events is our annual golf tournament.  In 2024, our 8th Annual event will be held on May 6 at Orange Hills Golf Club in Orange.  Our honoree this year is Mr. George Holler, a prominent member of Post 196 and a major contributor to American Legion Baseball for over 35 years. George will also be inducted into the American Legion Hall of Fame, a distinguished honor.


In 2024, our goal is to increase our sponsorship levels by $10,000 by introducing five new Business/Corporation Level Sponsors at $2,000 each to underwrite some of the more significant costs of the event (lunch, cocktail reception, awards reception, event golf shirts, etc.) These new sponsorships will not only increase our giving capacity but enhance the sponsors’ marketability and commitment to our Milford community.


We are asking you to help us help others in the greater Milford area!  Your sponsorship is tax deductible. While we know you are constantly approached by other worthwhile causes for financial support, we so greatly appreciate your consideration in becoming involved with American Legion Post 196 as well.


I will follow up with you shortly! If you have any questions prior, please reach out to me at:


Jerry Peters, Veteran

Golf Committee

Colleen Weatherspoon

Post 196 Commander