The Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting the economic vitality, prosperity, and quality of life for our community. As an organization dedicated to advancing the interests of our members and the broader business community, the chamber operates in a non-partisan manner, prioritizing the overall well-being of our region and the businesses that contribute to its success.

 Policy Statement:

  1. Non-Partisanship: The Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce is non-partisan and does not endorse or support political parties, candidates, or ideologies. We do not engage in partisan political activities, and our decision-making is driven by the needs and priorities of our members and the community.
  2. Advocacy for Business Interests: Our primary mission is to advocate for policies, initiatives, and legislation that promote the growth and success of local businesses. We engage in advocacy efforts that align with the economic interests of our members and the overall prosperity of our community.
  3. Collaboration with All Stakeholders: We actively seek to collaborate with elected officials, government agencies, community organizations, and diverse stakeholders regardless of their political affiliation. Our aim is to build bridges and work collectively toward common goals.
  4. Educational Role: The chamber is committed to providing educational resources and information to its members and the community about policy issues, economic trends, and legislative matters without taking a partisan stance.
  5. Advocacy Priorities: We advocate on behalf of our members for policies related to economic development, workforce, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and other areas that have a direct impact on the business environment. Our advocacy efforts are driven by the well-being of the community and the region’s business community.
  6. Member Engagement: We engage our members in the advocacy process, providing them with opportunities to express their concerns, share their insights, and participate in the chamber’s advocacy initiatives.
  7. Transparency and Accountability: The chamber is committed to transparency in its operations, including advocacy efforts, and holds itself accountable to its members and the community.
  8. Economic Growth and Prosperity: We work tirelessly to create an environment where businesses can thrive, where entrepreneurs can innovate, and where the community can benefit from a strong and vibrant business sector.


The Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce is steadfast in its commitment to non-partisanship, focusing on the collective economic interests of its members and the community. We embrace collaboration, educational advocacy, and transparency as essential principles in our work. Our dedication to fostering a thriving business community, economic growth, and shared prosperity remains unwavering.