Getting ready for the guests!
Thank you Bin 100! Alisa and Carol enjoying the night Deena smiling as she always seems to. What a goof ball A warm and friendly greeting Some of Milford’s finest people Buddy, Vera and Christina
Mark Davis enjoying himself Angela always a friendly smile Jorge the host with the most!  Bob Abbate one of the newer members of the Chamber Celeste Dave and Susan thank you for all you did to make this a wonderful night! Christine, Paige, Alisa, and Kathy PaulOtzelandJohnKuhnle Joubin and Karen from Bridgeport Hospital Milford Campus Melissa Donna and Karuna Gloria Wendy and Peggi JoAnn and Paul Doctor Paterna Get Healthy with Phyliss, Promoted with Deb and Adjusted with Matt One loud suit and Paul from BioClean