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The Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce is launching the “I Love Local” Gift Card Program that encourages consumer activity across the Milford Region. These gift cards are popular gifts – ensuring that we keep consumer spending local – supporting local businesses!

Each year, thousands of dollars in gift cards will be sold to consumers to use at any of our participating businesses. In markets similar to ours, that equates to nearly $500,000 annually. 

How does it work?

Participating businesses will process the cards through our secure third-party website/app utilizing your own unique username and password. When a patron seeks to redeem a card for purchase, you simply login to either the website or app, enter your business’s username and password, and then enter the card number and amount to be charged. It’s that easy. Each month-end, the MRCC will ACH the participating businesses the associated revenue utilized the prior month. The only cost/fee charged to a business is a flat 5% fee to cover the Chamber’s administrative costs.  For example, if you have gift card sales of $1,000, then the MRCC will ACH your business $950.00. This single, flat 5% goes back to supporting the printing of cards, credit card processing costs on our end, and - most important - promoting participating businesses!

Members of the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce, along with the members of other Milford based business organizations, can opt-in to this amazing program by emailing:

Simon( or Maggie (

Special sign-on Bonus - Businesses that opt-in prior to Friday November 5 will be charged an administration fee of only 3% for the first 6 months of the program!


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