City of Milford

While the city was founded in 1639, the current city form of government was adopted by referendum in 1959. Under this form of government, the Board of Alderman is elected as the legislative body and the Mayor is elected as the chief administrator of the city. For more information about the city government, click here ( For information about the Board of Education, follow this link (

The city is proud of the fact that it is very supportive of the business community. The City works with business to foster economic growth. Efforts to expand or grow in Milford are met with professional review by various City departments. Assistance is given to businesses from the smallest shop to the largest corporation. For more information about why Milford might be the right place to locate your business, contact Milford's Economic Development Office at 203-873-3230 or visit their site at

State of Connecticut

Within its  borders, Connecticut has forested hills, new urban skylines, shoreline beaches, white-steeple colonial churches, and historic village greens. 

There are classic Ivy League schools, modern expressways, great corporate offices, and small farms. Connecticut is a thriving center of business, as well as a vacation land. It is both a New England state, and suburban to New York City.

Visit the State of Connecticut's official website for complete information

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