Preparing Students for Lifelong Learning

The ability to wonder.  Thinking through problems and finding solutions. The opportunity to build stamina and understanding.  Students in the Milford Public School system have limitless opportunities to stretch their imaginations and engage deeply in content that is required to thrive – for today and beyond.

In Milford, students are able to bolster their learning in ways that are impossible elsewhere.  A classroom studying the environment can conduct experiments on the impact of trash on water systems by taking a quick class visit to the beach. Students interested in technology are able to hop on a train and visit the Microsoft offices in NYC.  Art museums abound throughout the region. The New Haven Symphony Orchestra and the New England Ballet visit twice a year to give children exposure to professional performances in the arts. Our unique location, combined with a stellar team of educational professionals, gives students in Milford an incredible advantage.

Technology ‘In Your Hands’

The district has embraced a 1:1 Chromebook Initiative, issuing every student a personal computer to use both at school and at home to ensure learning never stops.  Research, inquiry, homework, and collaboration are pivotal in learning, and we make sure every student has the ability to do so. 

Students Pursuing Post-Secondary Education

More than 85% of our high school graduates continue their education in a post-secondary institution.

Support for Students of All Abilities

With a wide variety of student abilities, the district supports all by providing programming developed just for them. Our Special Education team, comprised of expert teachers, para-educators, counselors and support staff, works to help all students achieve.  

AP Courses & Internships: Robust Opportunities

With 21 Advanced Placement courses to choose from, students in our high schools can get a head start on earning college credit while still in high school. In addition, students have the ability to pursue internships in disciplines that are of interest to them – medicine, architecture, writing, business, and many more. 

Athletic Opportunities for Everyone

The Milford Public School district offers interscholastic play in 25 sports.  We are a member of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC).

Solar Panel Use ‘Tops’ in the State

The district features more solar panel coverage (in sq. ft.) than any other public school district in the entire state.

Milford Public Schools

The mission of the Milford Public Schools is to nurture, discover and enhance the talents and capabilities of each child, to enable them to maximize their potential and find fulfillment through their schooling. We provide high quality educational experiences, which challenge and engage students in active learning, and help them become enthusiastic, successful and self-reliant learners. Our goal is for our students to graduate as responsible caring citizens, who are prepared for the multifaceted roles of adulthood and for career paths of their choice. We form partnerships with the parents and community to help achieve this goal.

Milford Department of Education Website

Milford Private Schools

There are also several excellent private schools in the city, such as:

St. Mary Elementary School
Lauralton Hall High School

Milford also has a regional vocational technical school:
Platt RVTS

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