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EPIC - Young Professionals Group

EPIC- (Emerging Professionals Inspiring Change) is a new and emerging young business leader and professional group organized under the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce. [ more ]

Business Referral Groups

Expand your business through networking the way only the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce can offer!

Put your business in the spotlight every week with a group of dynamic business owners and representatives that not only need your products and
services but know many more that do!

Our business referral groups are open on an exclusive basis and your business will be unique in your group. Bring your business to the front of mind of other Milford business leaders every week and let them promote you as you learn more about their business.

The Milford Chamber of Commerce business referral groups are scheduled:
Tuesday at 1PM Wednesday 8:30 AM and Friday at 8:30 AM.

Come join us for a trial run and start building relationships today! [ more ]

Health and Wellness Commitee

The MRCC Health and Wellness Council empowers people to make positive lifestyle changes that improve their health and productivity. Comprised of a diverse array of health care providers, the MRCC Health and Wellness Council strives to represent good health from multiple disciplines. Since health care is not a size fits all, we invite you to explore the various aspects of health care available right here in the Milford Region.

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