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The Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce operates the I Love Local gift card program that encourages consumer activity in the Milford Region. These cards are popular gifts and demonstrates one’s commitment to keeping their dollars local.

Each year, thousands of dollars in cards will be sold to consumers to use throughout the Milford Region. Participating businesses process these cards through our third-party website/app. Once signed up, you will be provided with your own unique username and password. When a patron seeks to redeem a card for purchase, you would simply login to either the website or app, enter your business’s username and password, and then enter the card number and amount to be charged. It’s that easy.

Each month, the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce will send each participating business a check for all redemptions made the prior month. The only cost/fee charged to a business a flat 5% fee. For example, if a consumer makes a purchase for $100.00, then the Milford Regional Chamber will send your business a check for $95.00. This single, flat 5% goes back to supporting the printing of cards, credit card processing costs on our end, and – most important – promoting participating businesses. 

Members of the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce can sign-up to accept these cards by completing the form below.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email

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By signing above, I agree to participate in the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce gift card program and accept the associated fee.

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