Simon Says - Dec 21st 2021

It's been a wonderful year for me. I got the dream job I never even knew I wanted.
I have been a member of the Chamber since 2016 when I joined as a Financial Advisor with no understanding of what a chamber is. Nell Moll seemed to like me, perhaps a big head for me as Nell liked everyone. However, I soon understood what a great resource she and the chamber could be, for a person like me with limited resources and contacts.

As I became more familiar with the events and networking opportunities, I became a full on convert to what the Chamber offers its members. I was offered a spot as an ambassador and was soon at almost all the events the chamber offered, giving me a chance to meet numerous people in a non-sales setting. These events were a place of comfort for most of the people attending and with that comfort came a feeling of trust. Knowing that you would be seeing the same people at all the events, and they would be seeing you made it less likely for them to be anything less than honest to each other.

I started making friends and acquaintances and I joined the Friday leads group. The group met once a week at the old chamber conference room and was ok, I still tried to sell to hard and the group seemed to be shrinking. At the end of the year the person who was the group leader moved out of state to live her best life, and perhaps because no one else wanted to take up the leadership it fell on me. I looked at it as an opportunity and decided to make it more fun, I took ideas from the group and started doing a contest each week, and a daily question. The questions were often just icebreakers, what was your first concert? What's your favorite side dish at Thanksgiving? Sometimes they would be more business related but always with the idea of fun and learning more about each other. The group grew, and my appreciation of the chamber grew as well.

I eventually gave up the leadership as my career changed and I had to travel more and the time commitment became to much, however I stayed with the group as I couldn't give up the friendships, I had made nor the opportunities I was still getting. I was asked to be on the Board of Directors as the liaison for the Ambassadors and we continued to grow that as well. Then came Covid. The only thing that stayed constant at that time was the Friday Leads Group which started meeting on Zoom. It was good to have a piece of consistency in a life in upheaval. I was able to help at the chamber getting protective gear and thermometers to business and I saw the chamber was there even when the rest of the world shut down. When Nell and Connie retired, I was sad to see the most consistent part of my life change but eventually I was offered an opportunity I would be stupid not to take.

So now here I am the Director of Marketing and Membership of the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce and while the past year has had its ups and downs, it has been a fabulous year and I thank all the members of the chamber for being who you all are. I now get to go to all the leads groups and am still finding it very helpful in my work. I am putting together all the events the Chamber has and they seem to be going well and continuing to grow. Next year looks like it will be even better, stay tuned to see all the new programs the chamber will be creating and ask me how you can get more involved. The Chamber will only work for you if you work the Chamber so come to the events, join a leads group, reach out to other members, and let the Chamber help you in your business and watch yourself grow.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here's to a prosperous 2022!