Simon Says 1/4/2022

With a new year comes new ideas! I am very excited to introduce the MRC² Video Production Agency. MRC² will be producing videos for Chamber Members to be hosted on the Chamber's YouTube channel and for the members to use across their own digital platforms. These videos will be produced in association with Studio 95, the official chamber visual partner. We are very excited to be bringing the chamber into the 21st century and providing our members a chance to engage with new audiences, at an affordable rate! These videos will be released on a weekly basis, and we would love to include you! The basic format will be talk show style which includes an interview followed by a presentation of a "how to" do something that your business does. If you're a business that deals with people or other businesses here is your chance to show your expertise and show the world what you do!
These videos will be produced at a low cost to our members but with the highest of production values. You'll have full use of a professional studio and an experienced production team; platforms normally cost prohibitive for small business. The videos will be 12-15 minutes long which will make it easy to edit for a quality video your business can use for other applications.
Reach out to me at if you would like to highlight your business on our YouTube channel and take your advertising to new heights across multiple digital channels.
Keep reading this column to see the other new programs we will be launching to make your Chamber even more effective for you in 2022!

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