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The Connecticut State Senate and House of Representatives convened this week to take action on Emergency Certified Bill SB 493 AN ACT EXTENDING THE PROVISIONS OF CERTAIN EXECUTIVE ORDERS. The bill extends several Executive orders issued by Governor Lamont in February that were set to expire. Additionally, the Senate passed SB 133 AN ACT ALLOWING POLICE OFFICERS TO WEAR RELIGIOUS HEAD COVERINGS AS PART OF A POLICE UNIFORM. The bill if passed into law would permit a police officer to wear a religious head covering in accordance with such officer's religious beliefs while on duty and wearing a uniform. SB 133 will now head to the House of Representatives for further consideration.
Budget negotiations between the Legislature and the Administration have officially begun, and we expect a final budget to be agreed upon and released within the next few weeks. The House and Senate have begun to convene weekly, and as we near the end of session we expect them to begin meeting daily.

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Upcoming Legislative Schedule April 18 – April 22, 2022
Monday: April 18, 2022
• 10AM on Zoom: Appropriations Public Hearing followed by a Committee Meeting
Tuesday: April 19, 2022
• 1PM on Zoom: Rep. Cook: UConn 4-H Citizenship Day @ the Capitol Ice Cream Social
Wednesday: April 20, 2022
• Nothing Scheduled
Thursday: April 21, 2022
• 4PM on Zoom: Commission on CT's Development & Future: Municipal Affordable Housing Plans Working Group
Friday: April 22, 2022
• Nothing Scheduled

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