DOL Increases Wage and Hour Enforcement Efforts

The U.S. Department of Labor plans to add 100 investigators to its Wage and Hour Division team to increase enforcement efforts.

The team supports efforts around worker wages, migrant and seasonal works, family and medical leave, and prevailing wage requirements for workers on federal contracts.

The division collected $230 million in wages owed to workers in 2021.

It also conducted more than 4,500 outreach events for employers and workers.

Investigators will not only increase efforts to promote compliance through outreach and education, but also conduct more investigations within various industries.

The division has guides to help employers comply with wage and hour laws in multiple industries, including basic compliance and compliance with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Warehouse, Logistics Industries
The division's enforcement efforts will increase in the immediate future to safeguard rights, and ensure protections for workers in warehouse and logistics industries.

DOL officials said increased demands and constraints on the supply chain globally have prompted the agency's latest efforts.

The Warehouse and Logistics Worker initiative will specifically focus on complying with legally earned wages, workplace harassment, and FMLA requests.

It will also target misclassification of employees as independent contractors.

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