BBA and MRCC Partnership

MILFORD — The Black Business Alliance (BBA) will be joining the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce and retain an affiliate seat on the Chamber’s board of directors.

Chamber President Michael Moses said this collaborative partnership will help create access to opportunities, business networks and capital for minority owned businesses across Milford and surrounding communities.

"Having a seat at the table is important," says Anne-Marie Knight, Executive Director of the Black Business Alliance. “This partnership moves the needle and will swing the door open wide to opportunities; allowing black businesses to eat from the table.

“I am excited to see that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a top priority for the MRCC, and look forward to launching some new initiatives and creating lasting positive change for the businesses we serve,” she added. “BBA is excited to work alongside the MRCC team.”

Christine Gonillo, Chair of the MRCC Board of Directors, said the BBA is a welcome addition to the chamber membership.

"We enthusiastically welcome the BBA as an affiliate and look forward to working together for the greater good of our community,” she said. “Through the sharing of ideas and resources new opportunities are born, grow and ultimately yield productive and positive results for all.”

Moses said this partnership will be further enhanced by the chamber’s new status as neighbors within the CT Post Mall.

“Strengthening our local business community through the combined expertise of our organizations will advance minority businesses impact and competitiveness across our local and regional markets,” Moses said. “We are extremely grateful to welcome the BBA as a partner, and we look forward to helping them level the playing field and advance the region’s collective economic footprint.”

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