2022 Priorities for the MRCC

Happy New Year!

We at the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce are optimistic about what the year ahead holds.

Certainly, challenges remain. The pandemic continues to disrupt businesses and our economy. Yet, you can feel creative energy through the collaborative work being done on these issues. Therefore, it seems valuable to provide an early update regarding the work the chamber has been doing on strategic priorities we've identified for 2022, and beyond. While this list is not comprehensive, it certainly illustrates why we are optimistic in our ability to serve the region with excellence.

MRC2: We're launching a new video production agency in collaboration with Studio 95. The goal? To provide local businesses the opportunity to produce high quality, impactful, video at an affordable entry point. This work has already begun! Reach out to Simon at smcdonald@milfordct.com for an initial consultation.

I Love Local: Our universal gift card program got off to a great start just before the holidays last year. With nearly 30 local merchants participating, our goal of keeping local dollars, local, is being achieved. Help support local business by buying I Love Local gift cards, they're available year around for birthdays, holidays, employee incentives, and more! If you're a local merchant that has not opted in yet, contact Simon at smcdonald@milfordct.com. It's easy, and there's no cost to join!

Legislative Strategies: Our new partnership with Rome, Smith and Lutz will provide our members with the information to identify objectives, develop advocacy strategies, and align local and regional business goals with relevant legislative initiatives. Look for a weekly legislative column in our Tuesday newsletter beginning January 11th.

On-Demand Lead Sharing APP: The Chamber is part of a proof-of-concept team delivering this amazing tool to market. Created to bring lead sharing and networking into the always-on, mobile-first, asynchronous, real-time economy - It will make networking groups more effective and increase the overall chamber ROI.

New Programming: We're adding regional recognition programs like a revamped "Best Of" designed to drive engagement across hundreds of categories, generating tens of thousands of votes; and in collaboration with our EPIC group, a "40 Under 40" to help us recognize the best and the brightest in the greater Milford area.

Economic Development: We are looking forward to collaborating with local business and community leaders through solution-oriented summit meetings. The foundation for tremendous growth is in place with the economic-development demand in our region, we will all benefit from comprehensive solutions.

Other topics we've identified and begun working on:
• Diversity, equity, and inclusion in business and our community and how to align our programming in support of these priorities
• The impact of eldercare and childcare on productivity. We'll be exploring educational opportunities to help inform business owners and employees of valuable resources.

We look forward to engaging with everyone on these strategic priorities. Working together, we can make real progress in addressing our challenges and recognizing our immense opportunities.
We have confidence that the Greater Milford business community will continue to be an example of perseverance, empathy, and strength as we all carry on with various challenges due to the pandemic.

We encourage you to continue to read our weekly updates in our newsletter, every Tuesday. Please refer to milfordct.com and our social media pages for the latest about Covid-related business resources, press releases, event registration, contests, legislative updates, and more.

We are here for you in 2022. We look forward to staying in touch, making new connections, and continuing our mission to be a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, and to foster a thriving economy. Thank you for your support, contributions, and dedication to our Greater Milford community.

Be Well,

Michael Moses

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