Pandemic Influenza Business Continuity Plan

March 2020 - [Reprinted Flu Pandemic Article - Update Coming Soon] - Pandemics represent a serious potential threat to the public's health. There are several characteristics of an pandemic that differentiate it from other public health emergencies. Unlike other natural disasters, where any disruption to business service provision is likely to be infrastructure-related, disruption to business operations in the event of a pandemic is anticipated to be human and material oriented.

A flu pandemic will cause not only a large number of ill people, but will cause high workforce absenteeism. Basic services, such as health care, law enforcement, fire, emergency response, communications, transportation, and utilities could be disrupted during a pandemic. Finally, the pandemic, unlike many other emergency events, could last many months and businesses might not be able to work at full capacity.

The primary purpose of the Pandemic Influenza Business Continuity Plan is to enable an organization to respond effectively and efficiently to ensure that essential operations are maintained during an influenza pandemic.

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