Business Climate

Business Likes Milford and Milford Likes Business

Business likes to be close to major roadways like I-95, the Merritt Parkway and US 1. It likes to be on the main railroad line from Boston to New York served by Amtrak and MetroNorth. Business needs to be close to major airports like Bradley, JFK, TF Green, LaGuardia, Newark and regional airports like Tweed New Haven and Sikorsky. Deep-water ports are right next door in New Haven and Bridgeport.

That's why business likes Milford.

Milford is big enough to provide key city services but small enough to have a fair on the Green where you can meet your neighbor. It has a downtown that bustles with entertainment, culture, excitement, history, greenspace and waterways. A river even runs through it. And that river becomes a harbor for 700 recreational craft. And seventeen miles of shoreline on Long Island Sound offer myriad boating and beach opportunities.

That's why business likes Milford.

If a retail operation comes to town it can choose between the comfy downtown, a major shopping mall or one of many other shopping areas. 750,000 people are within easy driving distance. And Connecticut's high per capita income provides money for shopping.

That's why retail business likes Milford.

Business sees Class "A" office space tucked into verdant green hills. Corporate parks that offer all the amenities necessary to do business in today's wired world. A variety of other office space is located throughout the community.

That's why corporations like Subway, Schick, BIC, and DataViz like Milford.

Manufacturers see successful giants like Bic and Schick but they also see 200 other thriving companies making products. A strong labor force supports their efforts. Distribution centers see the seven exits and entrances off I-95, as do sales and service operations.

That's why over twenty three hundred businesses call Milford home.

Milford extends a welcoming hand to business through its Economic Development office. The department maintains strong ties with regional, state and federal resources.

Business likes Milford and Milford likes business.

If you want to make Milford home to your business, contact the Director of Economic Development, call Julie Nash at (203) 783-3230 or e-mail

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