Pam's Corner

We know things just aren't normal right now. We encourage you to come #TogetherMilford and embrace this time! Try calling your family and friends, take a step away from the digital world, support your local community, and practice social distancing! Right now, social distancing from others is the most important thing you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.We are all at a place where we are feeling our way, day by day.

Every day, we hear a new story about how people are helping neighbors, looking after each other. Caring. Like Attorney Matthew Glennon, who established a GoFundMe campaign so he can purchase food at local restaurants to be donated to essential workers — among them police, fire, public works and personnel at Yale New Haven, Bridgeport and Milford hospitals. (Read the Story Here). Or Melissa Marylin of Beach Party Balloons, who designed a beautiful balloon display in front of the chamber last week sending the message of kindness and community, right in the middle of a crisis.

Let's continue to put a smile on our neighbors' faces as we look after each other. We will stay connected with you today, tomorrow, weeks from now. We are not going away.

The Chamber is dedicated to providing you - our business community - with our services and support during this pandemic. We will continue to share new information, resources, and other tools for businesses and their employees.

Let us know  what more we can do for you. And remember: Every time we hear from you, it keeps us going. Let's all be part of a community looking out for each other. We are #TogetherMilford.

Pam Staneski
Executive Director of the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce