Member Spotlight: Shoreline Family Chiropractic

Q: Tell me about yourself. What's your background? Where did you grow up?
I was born in Brooklyn, NY. At 6 month old we moved to Naples Italy. We returned to the U.S. when I was 6. We lived in Stamford and Westport until I graduated high school and my parents moved to Woodmont. I have lived in Milford ever since. I love this town and I have seen some great changes in the 27 years I have lived here.

Q: When did you first open Shoreline Family Chiropractic?
My wife Courtney and I opened SFC in December 2004 on the West Haven side of the Woodmont/ West Haven border (Baybrook). We chose this location not only for the amazing water-views but because it was 1/2 mile away from where I lived when my family moved to Milford in 1993..

Q: What has contributed to your success as a chiropractor?
My success can be attributed to my ability to empathize with people. I was introduced to chiropractic because I had my own health issues. At 24 years old I woke up with the worse pain I have ever experienced. No one in my family at that time saw a chiropractor, soIwenttomyPCP. ShesaidIhad sciatica and prescribed me a "new drug" that had just come to market called "oxycontin". After taking this drug for 2 months, my sciatica had decreased but the pain was still present. I also began having heart palpation and full body tingling (side effects I wasn't aware of). When I went back to my doctor she said I had "social anxiety disorder" and prescribed me another "new drug" called Zoloft. Needless to say the combination of these medications was not good and I nearly took my own life.

Fortunately my father was seeing a chiropractor in town and though I should come with him to see if he could help me. My first visit was extraordinary. I woke up the next morning and felt like a new person! I had actually slept through the night, I was able to breathe through my nose (horrible sinus issues) and my pain was a little better. Later that day I went back for my follow up appointment and asked the chiropractor, "what did you do to me?" He said, "you had pressure on your nerves. I took the pressure off of your nerves and now your body is working better." I said, "that's it?" His response, "it's that simple."

That was enough for me. I decided that day I would go back to school to become a chiropractor. Seven years later I graduated from Chiropractic School and opened my practice. This experience has opened my eyes to how my patients feel when they have a health concern and how serious a problem our medical system has when it comes to overmedicating our population.

This is why our purpose is to EDUCATE and INSPIRE people to make better health decisions. Health is not a destination, it is a life long process. As a doctor we are supposed to educate our patients, not pacify or sedate them. Doctor means teacher and we need more doctors TEACHING their patients how to live better and INSPIRE them to want to:)

Q: When did you become a chamber member?
The first week I opened my practice, my dad, the same guy who dragged me to the chiropractor 7 years earlier, had me drive down to the chamber and introduce myself. Within minutes Nell, Connie and Peggy had me signed up and active in a leads group.

Q: How has the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce been a valuable resource?
I can proudly say that 90% of my patients the first 2 years of practice came from the Tuesday morning Resource group headed by Peggy's husband Phil Vetro. The core of this group was a powerful as we helped each other grow. 16 years later, many of those patients are still receiving care in our office along with their friends and family. But let's face it, the best part of the chamber are the BAH's. I am a social creature and I love mixing it up with other business minded people. For me it was more about creating relationships that trying to get another "patient or client". I like doing business with people I like. My dad always said, we are all in the same business. "The relationship business." So true...

Q: When you're not working, what can you typically be found doing? Hobbies? Special Interests?
When I am not working I pursue the 3 things I love the most: My Family, Baseball and my profession.
Truth be told, I wasn't born to be a chiropractor. I was born to be the third baseman for the New York Yankees. Fortunately my in ability to hit a curve ball and my spinal issues pushed me in a different direction. But that love for baseball still exists I coach little league baseball
As the past president of the CT Chiropractic Council, I am very involved in the local and national politics of our profession. I am a regular fixture in Hartford, lobbying for better healthcare laws. Since 2007, my mother, The Executive Director of the CT Chiropractic Council, and I run largest chiropractic conference in New England at Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.

As the father of a 12 year girl and 9 year boy, I am involved in whatever endeavor they are pursuing. My daughter is a professional actress involved in theater, TV and commercials. Her career consumes much of our family's time, but we love it. My son is an avid baseball player and also interested in acting. Both of of my children are excellent skiers. So during the winter much of our family time is spent on a the mountains in Vermont. I do not ski, but I enjoy the opportunity to enjoy hiking, relaxing and thinking of new ways to help people live better lives.